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Tunica Casino Reservations
Bally's Casino - $35 *
Fitzgerald's Casino - $59 *
Gold Strike Casino - $59 *
Grand Casino Terrace - $49 Resorts Tunica - $79*
Sheraton Casino - $69*
* Listed are starting ranges

Tunica Motel Reservations
Best Western - $59
Cottage Inn - $79
Delta Plantation Inn - $79
Americas Best Value Inn - $79
Key West Inn - $45*


"It Ain’t Health Food" is the slogan for the new Bally’s Casino Tunica Dining Venue, THE BARN
By Jen Cuthbertson
(Click Photos to enlarge)

It is true some of the menu items at Bally's Casino Tunica THE BARN do tend to not be on any weight reducing menu, but there is enough variety and selections anyone will enjoy dining in The Barn. When we decided to venture over to The Barn, we cast our dietary rules to the side, knowing this was a “job” and we had to do it right. (grin).

The setting is that of a barn complete with a trough full of iced beers, red lantern ceiling lights, and the blues playing in the background. The sound system is so good I caught myself looking to see who was playing.


I happened to be in the restaurant just before opening while the employees were coming into work. As I was sitting there I noticed one by one the employees came in, they were all wearing big grins on their faces and had a bounce in their step. Each smiling face greeted Nash Wilson
(pictured), The Leader of the Pack in the Barn. I know that isn’t his official title, but…. a deserved title. Nash has magically instilled in his staff an upbeat attitude which flows over to making your dining experience a happy one. This is a major accomplishment in the dining industry; we give Nash and his staff a definite two thumbs up for quality, hospitality, and customer service.

Michelle was “in charge” of us, and believe me she had her hands full. We were there to soak up every bit of ambiance and culinary challenges presented to us. Bally’s Executive Chef Willie Singleton had teased me weeks ago about a Lobster Corn Dog.
I had enjoyed fried Lobster once before and was really anxious for The Barn to open and try a good ole’ southern prepared lobster. First things first …Bring on the Fried Lobster on a Stick. Tom and I usually try to order something different so we can taste more dishes, in this case I could not sway him to order anything different. In fact he had two!

Let me tell you if you have the opportunity to try the Lobster on a Stick - squeeze a dab of lemon juice on it, and dip it in The Barn’s own special remoulde sauce just before you pop it in your mouth and the taste will just explode.
The Lobster on a stick is served in a martini glass with lemon wedges. The only problem I can see with this, as I conveyed to Nash, is a need for larger martini glasses, or maybe just fill up a big mixing bowl of them. I know they are just an appetizer but wow are they delicious and worth a trip to The Barn.

Our companions had the Potato Skins and the Spinach Artichoke Dip with Tortillas. I found the Dip one of the best, really tasty. Next time along with my Lobster on a Stick I will need to give the Ragin’ Cajun Crab Dip a try, I heard I had missed something by not ordering it and the people at the next table really didn’t want to share.

Now the entrée – I scan the menu for something different aha! Chicken Under a Brick! Okay… I get a flash back of my grandmother putting a hunk of a 2x4 with a handle on it on top of bacon and steaks to cook it even. I have seen stones for cooking and harden clay hunks. I thought these were all secrets no cook would ever tell and here it is printed on the menu they used a brick! Here’s the description: Half a Chicken, marinated and pan fried with a real brick on top. The moistest, most delicious chicken and crispiest smokey skin imaginable. Well I am here to tell you they didn’t lie. Oh and to top off the flavor the chicken is served surrounded by grilled sweet onions and peppers, with a side of baked sweet potato with cinnamon butter. Are you hungry yet?

What I am about to tell you may not be important to you but to me it tells me a lot about a place. No White Plates! Time after time we go to restaurants and it is very rare that we see where management has used their imagination and brought some color to the table. The Barn uses Bright Red Plates! Also the hot food is served on a hot plate and the cold food is served on a cold plate. To me that is a huge hint the kitchen is concerned about what they prepared and how the food will be served to you. We found that at The Barn at Bally’s Tunica. I knew the kitchen staff was proud of what they had prepared.

On to other goodies we had the opportunity to sample. One of our companions had Prime Rib. The meat was well seasoned and the flavor was through and through. Another example of time spent on preparation. I didn’t get to taste the prime rib but the hmmms coming from across the table were a definite signal it was great.

Are you tired of going to restaurants and ordering shrimp and you look around for Mrs. Paul? Same old breading and you picture tons of shrimp going thru an assembly line being dumped in plastic bags. Well your search is over for the flavor of homemade breaded fried shrimp. The Barn makes a seasoned biscuit breading (must be a special recipe) and fries the shrimp to a golden brown. Good Stuff! Try it Mikey!

Some people just can’t go out to eat unless they have a steak. I married one. When he sees his order coming toward the table, Tom gets this “Bring it on!” look and he sits up real straight with his artillery in hand (knife and fork). He can be really picky too. Some times I just sit there and hope he doesn’t say anything out loud. The steak comes. I hold my breath. It is grilled nicely with a light crust of seasonings. He cuts into it and it is too done. Oh Mercy, I taste it and actually I love it. He doesn’t say anything but our attentive server, Michelle, comes over and says, “Oh No, I am so sorry. That is too done” and whisks his plate away, she brings him back something to munch on while they prepare him another steak. Now some of you may think that is a negative thing, and I am sure the chef may cringe when he reads this, but it is a very positive move which will bring us back over and over again. Tom got several I am sorrys and it was our mistake and that is something rare (no pun intended) we hear on steak orders. No body got mad and we didn’t hear the steak hit the wall in the kitchen. It was a very smooth move and Tom was one happy camper. Again two thumbs up on service!

Before I get to the dessert I have to make a comment on the rolls. Each table gets a “healthy” sized basket of homemade rolls. If you are a bread lover, you will need to reach in the bottom of your soul and grab on to that extra willpower to keep from putting the basket in front of you and not sharing. Honestly they need to come with a warning label.

Mike Bruno and Executive Chef Willie Singleton decided we needed to be one of their guinea pigs and try something they were working on. (I love this part of my job). They bring out a plate with what I call a juicy biscuit. You know those big homemade biscuits that we all enjoy? Well, this one is a tad different…. It was baked then Deep Fried and served with honey. Can you imagine? The taste was out of this world good. I do so hope the Fried Biscuit makes it as a regular item on the menu. Maybe they will throw in some of Granny’s Chocolate Gravy! Who knows? But you can guarantee we will be back checking on them.

Are we to dessert yet? Yep. The menu reads: Chocolate Tower of Terror 1st item. I saw no need to go any further, but they did offer Cheesecake Brulee, Rich Peach Cobbler, Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae, Mile High Apple Pie, and Ice Cream. I don’t know if it was the mention of mega rich cake or the terror part, but the Chocolate Cake had to come to the table. Michelle warns us that it was a large serving and boy was she right. Six rich layers of chocolate cake covered in a semi sweet chocolate icing dripping down the sides. Tom didn’t waste much time slicing the cake into 4 servings for us all to enjoy with a hot fresh brewed cup of coffee to top off one heck of a fantastic dining experience.

I already know what I will order next time. There is an enticing description of their ¾ lb Burgers and Sandwiches and the words include Naked, C.O.B and S.O.B and Willie Philly on the menu. Sounds like a challenge huh?

Actually The Barn had me with the Lobster on A Stick; they reeled me in with the chicken, set the hook with the rolls, and closed the deal with one of the best chocolate cakes, I have ever tasted.

One more thing and then you can go make your plans to test drive The Barn yourself.

If you are satisfied and had a good time, just as you leave The Barn there is a big barn bell for you to ring. This is a compliment to the staff. They stop what they are doing and applaud. I need you to do something for me. I forgot to ring the bell, when you go will you ring it an extra time for me? Make it loud and “healthy”. They deserved it.

2006 review

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