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 Bill Burton - Casino Gaming Author


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Hi, I'm Bill Burton, your Guide to Casino Gambling. I can help you find what you need to know about Casino Gambling.

Meet Bill Burton - Gaming Author

"The greatest asset a player can have is being
"Casino Literate."

Bill's latest Book: Get The Edge on Low Limit Texas Hold'em Poker
Bill Burton
is an educated gambler with extensive knowledge of casino games, odds, and strategies.

Professional Experience: Bill started playing in the Casinos when he made his first trip to Atlantic City in 1980. After mediocre winnings and much excitement, he decided to learn everything he could about Casinos. Bill went to the local bookstore and found a copy of Beat the Dealer by Edward O Thorp. Through that book, he learned the basic strategy for blackjack and the proper way to play the game. As his library of books and instructional videotapes grew, so did his winnings and desire to learn even more. His library contains hundreds of books on all aspects of casino gambling.

He has also participated in Gaming Festivals and seminars in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, where he met many of the authors whose books were so helpful. He enrolled in several college classes to brush up on mathematics to help better understand the games and the effect of the house edge.

Bill started his writing career as a copywriter for a local radio station after college. He got away from his chosen field but never lost his desire to write. Since 1997, Bill has been able to combine his writing talents with his passion for the casinos and the games. Besides his weekly feature for the About.com Casino Gambling site, he has had several of his original articles published in national gambling publications. He currently writes for Midwest Gaming and Travel, Southern Gaming and Destinations and The Southern California Gaming Guide along with the Viva Las Vegas and The Crapshooter Newsletters. He is also the gambling expert for Fodor's Travel Guide to Las Vegas.

Visit Bill Burton at www.casinogambling.about.com

Bill is traveling the country with the Golden Touch Crap Crew
www.goldentouchcraps.com for more info for a seminar near you.

Get the Edge at Low-Limit Texas Hold'em by Bill Burton

Read the Reviews:
Book Review
By Bob Convertito

"Get the Edge at Low Limit Texas Hold’em” is the most basic and simplistic book on Texas Hold'em to date. Bill's journey from the kitchen table to the casino poker room is every poker player’s dream. Bill shows how easily it can be done by reading, studying and practicing. This book will not guarantee that you will be successful but it will be one of the tools you will need if you want to be a successful Hold'em poker player.

Many players think that they can depend on luck to be successful when playing the game, but luck is a very small par. Knowledge and skill are the most important part to being successful. The basic tools for success are found in this book and they are presented in a very easy to understand way. The majority of people who play poker come from the normal working class. They work from 9 to 5 and they use poker as a form of relaxation and enjoyment.

Hold'em Poker when played in the casino is not played against the house; it is played against the other players at the table. The player who has the most skill and knowledge about the game will usually be the most successful along with the player who can demonstrate the most discipline and patience.

The explanations of the basics are easy to understand. The book also walks you through all aspects of the game right down to the arrow chart which shows the most powerful hands to begin playing with.

Bill's experience, sincerity and just his overall winning demeanor can be felt and viewed in his writing. He really wants to help the everyday player improve and raise the level of their game. Bill would like to see everyone who reads this book start on their own journey to be a successful Texas Hold'em poker player.

If everyone who reads this book used it as their first step and then continued to read study and practice Texas Hold'em they would all have the tools to become successful players.

A completely different book about poker was written by Bill Burton, a gaming columnist for About.com and several national gaming publications. Get the Edge at Low-Limit Texas Hold’em (Bonus, January 2003) is the most basic and simplistic book on Texas hold’em to date. Burton points out that the majority of people play poker as a form of relaxation and enjoyment. Thus, if you’re a high-limit player looking to get to the next level, this book isn’t for you. But if you’re tired of being asked by your nonpoker-playing friends about how to learn hold’em, this is the book you hand to them and say, “Stop nagging me.”

The basic tools for success at hold’em are presented in a way that is very easy to understand. Burton covers tournament play and money management, as well as the most common mistakes made by the novice or unskilled player. Along the way, he relates his own journey from the kitchen to the cardroom to the winner’s circle. Howard Schwartz of the Gambler’s Book Shop said, “Burton put together the kind of book that should be of interest to those who are about to embark on a trip into the world of low-limit poker.”

From Howard Schwartz Gamblers Book Shop

Burton put together the kind of book that should be of interest to those who are about to embark on a trip into the world of low-limit poker. As a novice who authors a website about gambling, he needed to study poker in order to write about it. But he did more than study; he immersed himself in it until he became a winning player. Still fresh from his education, he wrote this book for others who want to follow a similar path. Burton stresses the importance analyzing your own game, including the basics of proper play, the concept of position, when to check, check-raise, or fold and how to size up your opponents and their styles. He covers tournament play and money management as well as the most common mistakes made by the novice or unskilled player. Along the way, he relates his own journey from the kitchen to the cardroom to the winner's circle.284 pages, paperbound, indexed, January 2003.

From Amazon.com

Great Book to Teach You The Wining Essentials, March 29, 2003

  Reviewer: A reader from Reno

This is another great book in the Frank Scoblete Get the Edge series and, as a poker player, I am happy to see that Frank's line is now incorporating this game. Bill Burton, the casino guide for About.com, has done a great job of boiling down the essentials of Texas Hold em to a series of rules and betting strategies that I find right on the money. Even as a long time player, I learned a lot from Mr. Burton. This book is an excellent book for beginners and somewhat more experienced players. Burton is easy to read and the book should be one of the two or three must books for starting players to master. Good job all around!

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