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Tunica-MS.com Meet N Greet June 11th, 2006
hosted by Sheraton Casino Tunica Resorts, Mississippi

Sheraton Casino Tunica so graciously showed top notch Southern Hospitality to the Tunica-ms.com
Forum/Message Board posters June 11th, 2006. The Food and Beverage Staff did a wonderful job providing a delicious array of culinary delights. The service was fantastic. Thank you to the marketing dept for providing treasured door prizes and for making the event a tremendous success.

Thank you to all of the tunica-ms.com website visitors for coming and making another meet in Tunica fun and exciting.
(click pics to enlarge)

Bottom row sitting starting with the one with "the grin" L to R: is GaDog, Dorrie1, Donna
In the Stripes next row, Citgo (dylanfreak's honey), KathySued, Linda G, GaBev, GaPam (see the resemblance?) Pollywob! Jen, Claire and Tom.
Back Row: Jerry (aka Mr. AlabamaHoundDog) Anne/ Mrs. AlabamaHound Dog, Trying to hide in the back in the beard is DylanFreak, Smiling big is Blue Jean, oops there are two back there hiding hmm is that Angela and Cara? Or Cheryl? Stew is standing in the chair, GaBuffy in the yellow shirt next to Mikey and Brandy, Back row also in a chair is the GaDog's Keeper..Kay, Jerry/ Mr. Special Angel, I promise Pam / Special Angel does not have a statue of liberty hat, maybe that is her halo....lol. Mphs Cay hmmm I don't know what she did with Mphs Ed....The caboose is Charles T in the AS shirt. Photokazoo? where are you? wbpanther was waiting on her hand pay.
I don't know how so many "escaped" the camera. Maybe we caught the "escapees" in other shots.
Sheraton Casino's Food and Beverage Serves Up A Delicious Feast for Tunica-ms.com Get Together June 11th 2006

More Pics to come. These photos are compliments of BlueJean  More Tunica-ms.com Meet Pics from the past