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 Stretching Your Slot $$$$

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Stretching your Slot $$$$

How many times have we walked out of a casino kicking ourselves all of the way to the car? Then we mumble ....Next time or Never again. We can improve our "luck" by plain old simple money management. First thing I have to confess, I am a nickel video slot junkie. I enjoy it and find the bonus rounds entertaining. I have to test drive every new one that hits the casino floor.
Here are a few of the ways to watch your money. Some may help, some just may not be interested in. But maybe you will gain something to stretch your gambling dollar. After all it is entertainment. If they called Fishing ...catching...they would call gambling ....winning. Remember it is all random and in slots Luck is the main factor. Hopefully for you it will be Good Luck.

Tip # 1 - Figure out how much you can afford to spend for each session you plan to gamble. Stick to it

Tip #2 - Say you want to spend $20 and try some quarter machines. Get $20 worth of coins. Get two cups. One for your gambling money and one for the money you have won. Put your won cup under your gambling cup. Don't play the credits you win. When you leave the machine cash out your wins in your win cup. This takes practice to not spend the wins right away. (did for me). The main thing this accomplishes is you are aware of your spins more and less likely to run a $20 thru a non paying machine.

Tip# 3 - Develop your own system. Now this tip is debatable and some disagree, but it is a money management option. Develop a rhythm of say 1 coin = 1 spin, next spin 1 coin, next spin= 2 coins,

then 2 coins, then repeat 1 coin, 1 coin, 2 coins, 2 coins. You can change up anyway you want just some kind of rhythm with 4 or more spins to stretch your money.
Tip # 4 - Slot people will tell you one of the saddest things they see is some one playing one coin when a jackpot hits and not winning the maximum amount. Especially when that one quarter would have made you a much larger win. Okay think about this, if you are playing a nickel machine and betting 5 lines at 3 credits per line that equals 75 cents. It is not max coins. But on some 3 reel quarter machines it is. Is there a difference in the amount of jackpot return? Usually so. If you are playing max coins of 90 credits on a nickel machine that is $4.50 a spin. More than the max for most $1 machines. If you were to win the jackpot which machine had you rather hit the jackpot on? (by the way max coins on a quarter video slot at 45 coins is $11.25 per spin). Just think about how you want to spin and how you want to win.

Tip # 5 - You have been playing and have a healthy amount of credits on the machine. You consider cashing out but figure oh what the heck most of that is wins and it isn't really my money. Oh hold on a minute.... Stop! Not really your money? If you push the cash out button who gets the money? You do! It is your money! All yours! That 1,000 credit on a nickel machine is $50! Same thing as 200 credits on a quarter machine! Don't get hypnotized and run your credits to the zero point and then get mad at yourself. Do you really like that machine so much you want to give it back or do you want to go try your luck at another machine?

Tip # 6 - Good Attitude. Good Attitude. I don't mean to sound like Dr. Phil, but ....... You came to the casinos to have fun. To be entertained. So, Have fun. Don't bet what you can't afford. Don't gamble the bill money in hopes of getting it back. Have you ever sat next to someone constantly complaining about losing, then they complain about their lunch, then they complain about the service, and before long you will hear all about their marriage and the dog. You look to see if they are sitting on a pity pot and move on so you won't start catching the down attitude. Keep reminding yourself I am here to enjoy myself. Some folks just haven't quite got the hang of that part yet. If you stretch your gambling money and get more buck for the minute chances are you will have an enjoyable trip.

Tip # 7 - I thought I was finished but couldn't stop until I reminded you again to use that casino player's club card. It is free and is your passport to comps and cashback. Always be sure it is accepted by your machine and your points are being credited to your account. Comps and Cashback realllllllly stretch that gambling dollar. More on Comps.


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