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"Perk Up" Your Casino Visits


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"Perk Up" Your Casino Visits

Free or discounted services and goods to you, compliments of your casino of choice, how does that sound? Are you letting some of the offered Perks slip thru your hands?

Casinos reward their loyal patrons with perks galore! Depending on the casino / hotel and their player's club offers, you can "perk up" your casino visits.

How do you get the most ump for the buck?

Knowledge and asking. Ask, Ask, Ask. Did you know? Some of the following perks are available for casino patrons: Free or Discounted - Air Fare, Hotel rooms, Dining, Bus transportation, limo transportation, room service, golf green fees, spas, facials, massages, herbal wraps, manicures, gift shop items from apparel to cigarettes, gifts of the month, cash back on your play, concert tickets, the list goes on and on depending on the amenities of the casino and hotel.
Here are some tips we have learned and hope they help you get more for your gambling dollar.

Loyalty pays - If you go to the casinos a few times a year, you may want to consider a "home base". What good does it do you to go to several different casinos and get bunches of free room coupons in the mail when you won't use them all? Loyalty play brings more perks. Not only playing where you stay will build up your player level. You become more familiar with the machines, the service, the ins and outs of comps. Plus when you call for reservations and the reservation desk says no room in the inn, call a casino host. They almost always have some in reserve for their loyal players.

Casinos reward their loyal patrons. Only problem is they don't come to you normally, you have to go to them and ASK.

Casino Hosts - Get to know a casino host. Their job is to make your visit comfortable so you will naturally come back. Always ASK what comps you qualify for, or how much play you need to enjoy a comp you would like to receive. Most of all, be nice! Hosts work hard tending to hundreds of people a day. It is to your advantage to be polite. Hosts are not allowed to accept money tips, so show your appreciation with a small gift from time to time. They will remember you and will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

The Card - Don't take your player's card for granted. Use them wisely. Make sure they are always inserted in the machines properly. Check to see if the machine is clocking your play in sessions. Does it show a countdown? Here is a big huge mistake many make. Look at the reader at the top of the machine. If it shows you are in a session and say you have 4 points left for that session and you leave that machine.....guess what, you just lost all of your play for that session! Ouch! If you were playing nickels we are talking about 20 cents!
Your play is also calculated on daily averages. If you run in for a few minutes to gamble and only put 10 minutes on your card versus the last time you were there for 4 hours. Well guess what this does to your average? You got it.....ouch!
Buddy up! If you and your spouse gamble together, try using one card on your longer casino stays, to build up your points. (after all the money is probably coming from the same pot). Use separate cards on your shorter trips. Just be aware of your play points, and averages.
Check your cash back before you leave your trip. In most casinos your points expire after 3 months. So your cashback points are not a place to save. Another ouch.

Table play - Please Please ask the pit critter how you are rated. If you table hop be sure your card is getting credit for all of your play. If you up your bets......make sure you are getting credit. Also remember the pit critters have some comping power and work very closely with casino hosts. You can usually get your meal comps right there at the table where you are playing without tracking down a host. Just ASK. Nothing is more frustrating than to play for 10 hours and find out you only have credit for 2 because you table hopped.

Trust me. (major ouch)

Hope these little reminders help. Just remember the more information you are armed with, the more enjoyable your casino trip will be. Have fun and Best of Luck to you.


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