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How To Play Let It Ride Poker

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Learn to Play - LET IT RIDE POKER
Ok lets play poker, looking for a way to change your chances? Sit down at the Let It Ride table and change your way of thinking. Most casino games, you have to beat the dealer, with Let It Ride the Players are not competing against the Dealer. In fact, the better the hand a Dealer has the better off you are. The Dealer deals himself two cards and the Player is given three cards. Can you see where were going? 5-Card Stud Poker. Well, all most.

The Basics
The basic poker hand rankings pertain to Let It Ride, however, a pair must consist of 10s or higher to win. Your winning hand is based upon the three cards that are dealt to you plus the Dealer's two cards.

Begin The Game
To begin the game, the minimum table bet must be placed on each of three circles on the table. The circles will be labeled 1, 2 and $. For example, if the minimum table bet is $5, you will be initially betting $15. You are then dealt three cards face down and the Dealer receives two cards which he places face down in front of him. You may then pick up your cards. You can't discard and get new ones. The three you have are all you get.

Once you take a look at your cards, decide if you have a chance to win with your own cards plus what the Dealer's two cards might reveal. If you don't have much of a hand to begin with, scratch your cards on the table and the Dealer will return your first wager. That is, the bet you placed on the 1 circle. If you think you might have a winning hand, place your cards face down under the 1 circle wager and all of your bets will remain.

The Dealer then turns over one of his cards. You now have a chance to re-evaluate your hand with all four cards. If you still have a losing hand, scratch your cards again and the Dealer will return the second wager on the circle 2 to you. If you feel you might win with the four-card hand plus the unknown fifth card, and since this is the last decision to make, place your cards under the $ circle. The Dealer then reveals his last card and determines the winners.

If you happen to have a winning hand with your first three cards, just place your cards under the $ wager and leave all three of your bets. There are no more decisions to make and everyone knows you are in the game until the end.

Typical Casino Pay Out Royal Flush 1000:1 Straight Flush 200:1 4 of a Kind 50:1 Full House 11:1 Flush 8:1 Straight 5:1 3 of a Kind 3:1 Two Pair 2:1 Pair of 10s or Better 1:1

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