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Jen's 4C's for Tunica

Ready to pull the Lever? Push the Spin button?
Are you really ready?

Take a second and go thru what I call the 4 C's : Card in place, do you have your slot club player's card in the machine properly? Coins - Are you playing 1 coin on a machine that only let's you count the wild symbol on 2 or 3 coin play? Read the payoffs. Cash - are you playing in your budget? Remember this is entertainment. If you have to win don't play. Comps - If you don't hit the jackpot, remember rated play turns into comps from the casino.

What are comps? I hear about people going and getting free meals, suites, and cash back. I want some!

I hear this a lot. Or can you give me some free hotel rooms? Got any free tickets? or Aunt Susie got more comps than I did and I played more than she did. What is the deal?

I got an email from a lady the other day mad as a wet hen. She had spent all day 12 hours playing the slots at one of the casinos and finally took a break for dinner. She went to the buffet cashier and wanted a free buffet. Cashier directed her to slot hostess. Hostess runs her card thru the computer and only shows about 10 minutes of play. Lady disagrees and explains her story. I came in the casino, signed up got my card like I was supposed to, put in first slot machine I played, the rest was up to ya'll to follow me with those video cameras.

Instead of the coke and bag of potato chips she had on the way home for supper, she could have possibly had a really nice dinner and a comfortable hotel room for the night.

We have been told all of our life nothing in life is free. Same with comps. The casinos reward the player for their loyalty with discounts, freebies, gift of the month, and cash back. Comps set the gaming industry apart from the real world. When was the last time you went to a movie and the usher said Here this is your free popcorn and drink enjoy the movie? Or has the phone company ever called you and said...You spent so much money with us on long distance last month ,we are going to let you call Japan for free on Thursday? Not!

The catch is.... you have to go to the player's club or booth, sign up, get a player's card, and USE IT.

Ahhhh use it. If you frequent the casinos, it would be well worth your while to get to know a casino host or hostess to help you with your comps. Always ask. Get to know what the casino has to offer you. Be sure you insert it correctly and the machine identifies you before you start putting those coins in. I know it is hard difficult to wait sometimes. But ...you do want those comps, and the casino doesn't know you are there unless you tell them! I wish I had a dollar for every time I was in a hurry to hit those 7's and put the card in and 30 minutes later notice I had it upside down or not in right.

Look at the pay tables posted on the slot machine. I didn't last week. Sat down in front of a machine tired and just wanted to do a quiet battle with the random monster. I put a quarter in and up popped 2 bars and a triple cash symbol, 300 coins, oh I got excited.....no coins earned. What? Had to have 3 coin play to get the triple. Embarrassed, and feeling stupid, I thought well that won't happen again. I will just play one quarter.

Chi-Ching...same thing popped up again! Now, I have let 600 quarters fly off into space, because I didn't read the payoffs. Fool me once ......needless to say I moved to another machine. READ the pay tables!

Remember...Use your card, that is the only way the casino knows you are there. That one deep breath before you start the machine going, you need to look at your machine and remember the 4c's. Card, Coin, Cash, Comps.

A well informed player is a much happier player. Take advantage of the information provided by the casinos and websites like this one. Your next trip could be much more rewarding and enjoyable.


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