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Jean Scott "Queen of Comps"
Jean has been crowned the Queen of Comps! Jean has the same philosophy we do about casinos and , the more you know the more fun it can be. Jean has shared her invaluable knowledge in her books and tapes. If you want to get the most from your dollar, I strongly urge you to check out her book, tapes.

Jean Scott started out life as the daughter of a minister, raised to believe that thriftiness was next to godliness. In 1983, after raising her family and retiring from teaching high-school English, Jean visited Las Vegas for the first time and thought she'd died and gone to bargain heaven. Her life-long propensity for frugality was fully stimulated by the ubiquitous bargains, coupons, and promotions of the town.

Not only that, but the love of games and the competitive spirit she'd developed in early childhood were challenged in the casino. By studying the available literature and practicing intensely, Jean learned how to gamble smart -- first at blackjack, then at video poker. By trial and error and an eagle eye for deals, she figured out how to use the rating and slot club systems so well that she began getting all of her meals and hotel rooms comped by the casinos, without being a high roller. One year she and her husband Brad stayed 191 days in casino-hotels without paying a single room charge or food bill.
Finally, after 15 years of on-the-job experience, during which she and Brad learned how to win more than they lost in a casino, she combined her love for teaching and writing by penning the best-seller book The Frugal Gambler. This practical non-technical book is the leading casino guide for thrifty low rollers, in which she stresses sensible and responsible and shows how to stretch out casino fun time no matter how small a person's bankroll might be. The Frugal Gambler catapulted to #2 on amazon.com's bestseller list after Jean and Brad's story was told on a recent episode of "Dateline."
Her passion is still education while she continues as an active player in casinos all over the country. She conducts video poker classes and is a popular speaker and writer on gaming subjects. She has a monthly column in Strictly Slots magazine and a weekly Internet column called Frugal Fridays on www.lasvegasadvisor.com.
Jean Scott's exploits have been featured in newspaper and magazines articles and on the radio, not only all over the U.S., but overseas as well. She has frequently appeared on TV: on local news shows, on the Learning, Travel, and Discovery Channels, and in a travel feature on British telly. Besides "Dateline," she was seen nationally on "Hard Copy," "Extra," and "To Tell the Truth". When she won a new Mercury Mystique in a casino drawing while being filmed for "48 Hours," Dan Rather dubbed her the "Queen of Comps."

Today, Jean Scott, who, in her words, is just an "ordinary grandmother," is the world’s most famous low-rolling gambler and her fans are legion.

Jean's First Book The Frugal Gambler continues to be a huge success.
More Frugal Gambling has just been released. In this 408 page book Jean and her daughter, Angela, team up to give the novice to the pro advice and tips on navigating the fast growing and constantly changing casino scene. A must read for anyone going to the casinos.
Do you want to learn Video Poker? or fine tune your skills? Jean Scott and Wolfe Gaming have teamed up to bring you Frugal Video Poker. You can learn at home on your Personal Computer before you hit the casinos.
Oh, but that's not all! Jean has more books in the works! Watch for what she comes up with next!

Review of Frugal Video Poker from a novice
Visit Jean's Website Frugal Gambler

"Tax Help for the Frugal Gambler"
by Jean Scott and Marissa Chien, EA

This books gives a multitude of details that will make taxes a little less taxing for both the casual recreational gambler as well as the gambling professional. Sample filled-out tax forms and IRS regulations are included in the Appendix. Visit
www.frugalgambler.biz for your autographed copy today.

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