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Having a Good Time

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Having a good time?

Was your last casino trip truly enjoyable? How about relaxing?

Or did you return home exhausted and angry for losing?

Maybe we can help. When we first started going to the casinos regularly, I would walk in and figure out how I could possibly play every slot machine and a table game or two. I would get so excited knowing no phone to ring and no dishes to do. Just lose myself in the world of whistles and bells.

Sound familiar? Then when I got home I was totally wrung out. But I had a good time, even thou I lost money. I decided I wanted to go to the casinos, have a good time, not lose so much and come home not so tired.

I discovered the answer in two words, balance and information. Balance is not one of my favorite words because I guess I relate it to high wires and diets. Being a baby boomer, I also have to admit that I can't play in the casinos until 5 am and wonder why I am tired the next day. To really enjoy yourself you need to balance some of the casino floor time with non casino floor time. Check out the entertainment, spas, gift shops, the fitness rooms, pools, go for a walk, look around the local town and non casino attractions. You would be surprised how refreshing your day becomes. Oh and don't forget you can nap and even do the pay per view movie thing in your hotel room.
Another form of balance in the casinos (other than the bar stools) is your money. You plan on 2 days at the casinos, split it up. Tuck away half of it for the next day. Then divide what you have into morning, afternoon, nighttime gambling times. When you run out....go do something else. You would be surprised how this will rid you of some of the self imposed stress of running out too soon feeling.

Now, that other word, Information. The more you know the more rewarding your trip will be. This one covers everything from how to get good reservations to how to really play in the casinos. The little things add up. Ever stayed in a hotel room and mumbled because no refrigerator and you had to drink a warm beverage. Yuck. But, guess what the hotel would probably brought a refrigerator to your room if you had just asked. Been there done that.

I will never forget the time I was playing roulette when a young gentleman came up and bet on every number and every line bet. In his mind he was going to win big. No matter what the winning number was he was going to lose because he had bet more than the win. After a few bets with his "strategy" he was down several hundred dollars and mad.....oh that was a light word.....he was angry. Well Duh???
Take time to learn what you are playing and the best way to play. Most casinos offer instructions on table play and even lessons. Ask at the player's club or any pit personnel.

We try to provide information on some of these things I have mentioned on this website. Before you go next time take a few minutes and surf the site for entertainment, how to play, or things to do. Remember any questions ask jen and I will try to find the answers.

The more information we have the more rewarding our trips will be.

Get to Know Tunica.


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