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Chicago Steakhouse - Gold Strike Casino Resort Tunica Resorts, Mississippi
Dining Review

by Jen Cuthbertson

click on pics to enlarge

As I walked thru the massive wooden door of Gold Strike’s Chicago Steakhouse it was immediate to me tonight’s meal would definitely be a rewarding culinary experience.

The soft lighting and warmth of traditional décor brings a feeling of relaxation and a tinge of excitement of anticipation of what the evening will offer.

The fireplace burning, the crisp white linen table cloth, and fresh flower on each table sets the stage. We are seated near but not too close to the fireplace which is framed in ornate hand carved wooden mantel and next to the marbled topped bar.

Friends have joined us. I enjoy watching their response and there is nothing like sharing a dining experience with special people.


We are greeted by our server, Brenda Sutherland. We are told she is one of the best which put the pressure on her to be the best. Honestly she is a natural. Her friendly smile brings out her dimples and she has a way with making you feel at home and takes time to explain the chef’s offerings and make suggestions. Everyone at the table agrees she is tops and we will ask to be seated at her table next time when we return. Brenda added an extra flair to a true dining experience. “She knows her stuff”, as Tom said.

We begin the evening with a delicious tempura chicken with pineapple as a mousse bouse. Just a tad to wake up the taste buds compliments of the chef.

Our Server brings out a basket of hot breads and fresh butter. My favorite bread was the garlic made with whole fresh garlic. The crust was firm and crisp while the inside was light, tender and tasty. The garlic in no way was over powering, light and full of fresh bread flavor. In fact I had to be careful as something about it was habit forming.

Soups and Appetizers: To me appetizers are like the opening act to a performance. Everyone at the table orders something different so we can all “check it out”. Thank goodness for the little bread and butter plates as bites of this and that start to rotate around the table in no specific order.

At our table we had Onion Soup Gratinee, and Lobster Bisque. Soups don’t do well on bread and butter plates so I will have to pass along the remarks. Bonnie ahh’ed about how tasty the Lobster Bisque was and voiced it was the best she had enjoyed in years. The Onion Soup Gratinee must have been really good as Mike didn’t share and it disappeared.
Lobster Bisque

Onion Soup Gratinee

Tom had the Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes. He almost didn’t share so we knew it had to be something to brag about. Each cake was full of a generous portion of delicious mouth watering crabmeat pan seared to perfection. Excellent crab cakes, if you like crab cakes, I highly recommend you order some on your visit to Chicago Steakhouse. The chef is very generous with the crab in this recipe.



Seared Scallops, Sweet Potato Puree, Citrus Butter ended up being an extra appetizer as we learned Scallops were in season and were remarkably sweet. How could we pass it up? Glad we didn’t. Talk about mouth watering! You can see from the picture how outstanding the dish is, plus presentation is tops.


I had a feeling I would order seafood for an entrée so the Bison Satay with Dijon, Red Pepper Demi Reduction was my appetizer of choice. What a pleasant surprise it turned out to be. Moist tender slices of Bison were skewered and served anchored in a fresh orange surrounded by a unique sauce and blend of spice. The meat alone was cooked to perfection but dragging it across the sauce added a special twist which proved very pleasing to the palate. The Bison appetizer is very generous and can satisfy more than one person. I made a mental note to order the Bison again next time.

Other Appetizer choices were:
Beef Carpaccio, Lemon and Basil Oil
Fresh Seasonal Oysters
Shrimp Cocktail with Spicy Tomato Sauce
Seared Tuna Thinly Sliced with Spicy slaw and Ginger Orange Oil, Oysters Chicago baked with Apple-wood Smoked Bacon Gruyere Florentine sauce,
Blue Crab Cocktail, Marinated Jumbo Crab meat with Cajun Remoulade Sauce.
King Crab Fingers served with Mustard and Remoulade Sauce
A Seafood Platter with Lobster, King Crab, Shrimp, Mussels, and Fresh Oysters.

Gold Strike’s Chicago Steakhouse has a Unique Selection of Fresh Salads plus the all time favorite Classic Caesar Salad.

Pictured is the Beef Steak Tomatoes served with Grilled Onions – for you tomato lovers…doesn’t just seeing that get your palette going? It reminded me of picking fresh tomatoes on a summer day and just “tomatoing out”.

Also available are: Lobster Salad with Mache and Champagne Vinaigrette

Spinach Salads are on hold until the “spinach crisis” is resolved.

Entrée Time! The Main Event!

Somewhere in the back of my mind I have to pull the brain cells out that are decisive. So many inviting selections and so little time…Didn’t Mae West con a phrase similar but not referring to dining? I know her frustration. The menu is full of “I want to try that and that”. Finally Brenda, our server, twists my arm to go for the Colossal Surf and Turf served with a filet of steak and a 24 oz Lobster Tail.

Fear comes over me as good lobster cooked right is really hard to find. Not that I am picky but there is an art to making you feel like your money is well spent. To me Lobster coming out of the kitchen is the ultimate test for a dining venue. Let me tell ya’ folks …. It was done right! Perfect! The fear vanished when the first bite melted in my mouth. I was not disappointed. The steak was so tender, cooked exactly like I like it cooked. For a side I ordered the Au Gratin Potatoes, Yum! Mike is a meat and potato kinda guy and with my side being situated between us we decided to keep it a secret and hope Bonnie and Tom wouldn’t see it so we could have it all to ourselves. The Au Gratin potatoes are a definite “you gotta try it” If there is food in heaven this Entrée and side is there. I just know it.

Bonnie and Tom opt for the Sauteed Dover Sole with Shrimp. Presentation was unique. Tom reluctantly let me taste his. No fishy taste, but a pleasing delicate flavor with the right mixture of seasonings.



Mike ordered the Grilled Filet Mignon. He had dined at the Chicago Steakhouse with his son a few days before and said the Coffee & Pepper Crusted New York 14 oz Strip was awesome and his son didn’t come up for air until his plate was clean. Now that’s a rave review!

Due to space I am going to just hit on a few of the selections offered on the Entrée part of the menu. I applaud Chicago Steakhouse for offering a menu with variety.

Entrees available:
Seared Rack of Colorado Lamb
Roasted Herb Crusted Prime Rib Bone-In 24 oz
6 different Steak entrees including a 32 oz Porterhouse
Pan Seared Veal Scaloppini
Bison Ribeye
Grilled Veal Chop
Seared Organic Chicken Breast
Molasses Glazed Double Cut 12 oz Kurabuta Pork Chop
Traditional Surf and Turf 8 oz Filet and 12 oz Lobster Tail
(or the Big Daddy as I call it) Colossal Surf and Turf Choice of Steak and 24 oz Lobster Tail.
Fresh Fish Du Jour
Chilean Sea Bass
Seared Salmon with Herb Crust, Ginger and Lemon Butter Sauce
For Lobster Lovers you can have it your way!
You can choose between the Fresh Main Lobster or the Colossal Australian 2 lb Lobster Tail. Your choice: Steamed and Cracked, Stuffed and Baked, Thermidor, Beauviour, or Fra Diavolo
Crab Leg lovers – Steamed Crab Legs!


We always think of the Entrée as the Main Event but I think dessert at Chicago Steakhouse has to be a close second to being the star of the evening.

The dessert menu is verbal and as Brenda rolls off the selections for the evening she hooks us in to an encore culinary performance we thoroughly enjoy.

Bonnie and I decide to split the Berry Volcano. Actually it is a dessert for two and very generous at that. Brenda rolls out her cart and begins her tableside dessert magic.

First over open flame she melts butter and brown sugar into a skillet, adds some Grand Mariner, whisks it around by rotating the pan over the flame with an artful flip of the wrist. Next she adds some Shambori, blends, adds flame. Yes, Fire! A most impressive light blue flame engulfs the skillet. Then she squeezes a freshly cut orange in a linen napkin and adds some cinnamon. Before Brenda fills our serving glass she torches the glasses and captures the flame by putting one glass over the other to snuff the fire.

Into the glass goes vanilla ice cream, followed by an array of fresh Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, and Blackberries. Now she slowly pours her magic sauce over the berries and ice cream and serves. The ice cream partially melts creating a creamy blend with the Mariner and Chambord sauce. Each bite consists of sauce, fresh berries, and Ice Cream. Remember my reference to food in heaven? This has got to be there too.

Brenda you are awesome!

Mike orders the Mile High Cheesecake. If you are a cheesecake lover this dish will definitely satisfy your Cheesecake craving. Creamy, buttery but clean tasting a delightful way to top off the evening.

Tom is a self proclaimed Crème Brule connoisseur. The French in him comes out at the dining table. He does not hold back on his opinion. I always try to catch Tom tasting the first bite so I can gauge from his expression what he thinks. First bite and his eyes pop open wide. Wow! The Vanilla! Brenda tells us the Vanilla Beans are shipped fresh directly from France. Tom is impressed with presentation, flavor, and the extra attention Gold Strike gives to give an already favorite dish the extra ump to making it “the best”.

Bonnie orders the non traditional Tiramisu. We all agree to help her since we just can’t pass chocolate up. Plus we think we may have “just enough room” for one more bite. Tiramisu in Italian means "Pick Me Up" and what better way to get a "Pick Me Up" than chocolate!

Brenda brings out a chocolate teacup! Yes, you can eat the teacup….see there’s that little extra ump again. The teacup is filled with divinely rich whipped cream “to die for”. A lady finger is placed in the cup as you would picture a spoon for stirring, but this is for dipping. The tiramisu did a disappearing act and to think we thought we had room for just a bite more. Totally irresistible. Even though it was sinfully good I know it is on that heaven menu.

Quality and the extra effort is obvious in all that Chicago Steakhouse Offers. I give two thumbs up to Chicago Steakhouse and highly recommend you put Chicago Steakhouse on your “to do” list. Tell them Jen sent you.

Special Note - I was fortunate to be included in the tasting for the new menu which will be out end of October or first of November. I took some pics to share with you the new menu highlights.
Warning........drool may develop. Click here

Check out the guys behind the scene …….. click here.


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