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Casino Collectibles and Collecting

Recently I was browsing around ebay and just for the fun of it put "Tunica" in search. Whoa, was I surprised. There were 30 auctions for casino items with Tunica and Tunica Casinos on them. I was amazed that things like player's cards, chips, matchbooks, and door keys that we handle every trip to the casinos become collector items.

In my search thru the internet I found a really nice bunch of casino collectors willing to share their knowledge and love of collecting.  Click Here

A collection of casino items can be whatever you want it to be. You can start your collection from just the free stuff available at the casinos or purchase the hard to find items at shows, meets, ebay, and over the internet. I found casino collectors love to trade. Some collectors collect the "illegal chips" from casinos that operated illegally (watch for more articles on this). Some collect "wet chips" from Cruise Ships.

Player's Card collections offer many colors and designs and remind me of stamp collecting without paying for postage. Collections vary some are of just one casino, one state, one town, one denomination or even one color. Your collection is what you want it to be.

Now, I have your curiosity up like mine, you wonder how much?.... A collector recently told me he would pay $50 for a player's card from a now closed Mississippi Casino. Since gambling has only been legal in Mississippi for 10 years, we aren't talking antiques here. Before you go scurrying off to check out that junk drawer to see what you tossed aside, most player cards run $2 and up. Second tier and high roller player cards are harder to find, and of course are more sought after. Chips, generally are worth twice the face value as soon as a casino closes. If you are thinking about collecting as an investment, the larger chips will give you a quicker return on your money. Like anything collectible, the prices go up and down. If you are thinking of investing money in the more sought after items, be knowledgeable.

Next visit to the casinos you may want to think twice before cashing in your chips. You may be cashing in for less than you think.

I find collecting casino memorabilia fascinating. Watch out for more articles on this subject. Any questions or comments please email me  HAPPY COLLECTING!!!

Jen                         scroll for more on collecting


by: Jim Munding, P.O. Box 4087, West Covina, CA 91791 

Collecting slot cards and room keys has become my favorite collectible. Yes, I collect chips, postcards, matchcovers and other casino collectibles but this has become my favorite…..Why? Well because they are inexpensive to obtain and the folks that collect are pretty fun to trade with….also EBAY and Jackpot Auctions provide a good marketplace to buy and sell.

I started collecting slot cards back when they first came out in Laughlin, Nevada. My wife and I went there quite often and stayed at the Gold River. I had cards issued to me and kept them. I wasn’t really a collector then but I did save the ones I got….and they were free….About a year ago I began to collect so I dug out the old ones I had saved. Little did I know that the flood gates had opened….Since then Carolyn Donley and I wrote a book on Casino Room Keys and she wrote the first book on slot cards….Both have pictures.

Pat Lamb and Steve Wells have published another slot card book with values of each card.

It is really fascinating to see the different cards and variations that have been produced.

There are also two slot card collector’s clubs to join. One is PACK (contact Pat Lamb, 6970 Jasmine Street, Commerce City, Colorado 80022 and the other is Mystic Society of Cards and Keys, 520 Charles Street, Brookhaven, Mississippi 39601-4042)

There are several collectors all over the nation that are serious about the hobby. Recently I met a friend and collector Bob Gabel in Memphis and we traveled all through Mississippi and part of Louisiana picking up cards. The real challenge is getting the “high roller” cards and obsolete cards. It seems that once a card is discontinued, it is gone….unless you have a few in your trade box, they will never be seen again.

Prices for cards and keys vary. One GOLD (high roller) Landmark card from Las Vegas sold for over $1000 and I paid over $300 for a room key I wanted. But most of the current cards can be obtained by trading or in the $2-$5 range. Some people collect by state or category only…You can collect Nevada, riverboats, tribals or anything you want. I collect everything and always have a “wish list” of cards and keys I want. A slot card on the top of my want list is one from Mississippi’s closed Cotton Club.

Lots of collectors collect paper credit and player’s cards too. The most desirable ones are from places like the old Sands, Dunes, Stardust and other Las Vegas landmarks. Old Lake Tahoe items seem to be high on everyone’s want list.

A good place to buy, sell and trade slot cards and room keys are at the casino shows around the county. I know that 75% of my action at my table at CASINORAMA will be these items. I have included some of my favorite cards and keys for you to see. If I can answer any questions please contact me…..

The Casino Chips and Gaming Tokens Collectors Club (CC&GTCC) is a growing organization of more than 2,500 individual collector members. The CC&GTCC will have it's 10th annual convention and show June 5th-8th at the Tropicana in Las Vegas. Contact

If you are interest in learning more about Casino Collecting check out these websites. I also want to thank the following very gracious collectors for sharing their knowledge.

Brian Okiec - Robert Gambel - Richard Covington
Michael Behiel -
Check out Michael's page www.angelfire.com/sk2/casinochips you may recognize some of his collectibles. Super nice guy very willing to offer information.
Jim Munding -
Jim was kind enough to share this article on slot cards. A must read. click here  and samples of Mississippi Cards. Thanks Jim!
Travis H.D. Lewin -
Thanks Travis for the contact information.
Jim Episale -
Jim likes to collect "illegal" chips. I find this very interesting and the tales that go with the casinos of days gone by. Check out Jim's website. Click Here
Ed Hertzel -
More on "illegal" chips www.chipster.net

Ed Bigley -
Check out www.edbigley.com Ed has an awesome collection of items from the Beau Rivage Casino Resort in Biloxi.
John Long -
John Collects "wet chips" from Cruises.
Rene Nezhoda -
Rene has published the only price guide on Limited Edition Chips. www.vegaschips.com one of the oldest and biggest Casino Collecting Sites on the Internet. Rene promotes the countries largest private produced Casino Chips shows.


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