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Slot Machine "Hit Frequency"
by Brianzz

Hit frequency can be best explained as the percent of times that your spin will end in a winning combination. On many slot machines, the average will be every 6 spins will be a win. Sometimes you can go 10 or 20 spins and win nothing, and sometimes you can win 5 or 6 spins in a row. However, in the long run you will win about every 5 to 6 spins. Now this does not mean you always win your bet back but it does mean that you will win something about every 6 spins.

Here is a rough example.

Take a coin and flip it. That coin has a hit frequency of 50, half the time you will land on heads and half the time you will land on tails. You may land on head 20 times in a row or land on tails 100 times in a row, but over the long run, it will be equal. Same way with slot machines, you may be playing a game with a good hit frequency and still lose 30 spins in a row.

The hit frequencies on slot machines are not programmable or changeable; they come pre-set according to the payout chip in the machine. You can generally look at a slot machine pay table and tell if it has a good hit frequency or not. Generally, the lower the top jackpot the more often it will hit. Therefore, the Double Diamonds (19.63% on 97.99%) have just about the best hit frequency. On the other hand, the Five Times Pay machines (14.13% on the 97.85%) have possibly the worst hit frequency. There are some other high hitters like Red White and Blue 20.87% on the 97.96%, Triple Diamonds 20.13% on the 97.92% and Wild Cherry 21.92% on the 97.94 pay chip.

The above mentioned numbers and machines are just used as an example, you may win more often on certain machines but the more often you win the lower the amount. If you play a machine with a low hit frequency, you will win the lesser amounts less often and the bigger amounts more often. The higher paying wins are just a small percent of the hit frequency, so if you can line up 2 Five Times Pays and a single bar consider yourself lucky and do not sit there and wish it had been something else, because it is very unlikely. It just depends on your flavor of the day, do you want to win it all in one push or let it slowly feed the money to you?

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