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Deep Pockets™ Video Slot Machine

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Deep Pockets™
by Brianzz

Paylines: 25"
Max Coins Per Line: 20
Bonus Games: 2
Paybacks: 85.01% - 98.02%

The Australian outback comes to the casino in this perky 25-line theme. Aborigine Hapi, Goe, Luki and their animal friends scatter the reels, bonuses aplenty and plenty of fast-paced action is in store for you with this game theme.

Playing the game
You insert your coins, bills or tickets to load the credit meter and select the number of paylines, up to 25, you wish to play. Then select the number of credits you wish you bet per line from 1 to 20. If you are really feeling lucky, you can stop the spin at any time by pressing the spin button again.

The top jackpot is paid when 5 Deep Pockets™ logo symbols land on a played line, which pays 10,000 coins per coin, wagered on that line. This symbol is also wild for all symbols, including the Outback Bonus™ initiators, except scatters and the other 2 bonus symbols.

The secondary jackpot is paid when any combination of 5 Hapi and wild symbols line up on a played line and pays 500 coins per coin wagered on that line.

Bonus games

Outback Bonus™ This bonus is triggered by any combination of 5 Kangaroo in a helmet and/or wild symbols on a played line. The player is presented with a 6 level 21 cube pyramid; the start location is the top cube of the pyramid. On each level, the player is prompted to select 1 of 2 cubes directly below the current location. The first 4 levels of the pyramid have an associated pay value and the 5th level contains multipliers. Once the player reaches the bottom all credit values are added together and multiplied by the multiplier value. Associated credit values are based on the bet placed on the trigger payline.

Level 1 pays 1 to 5 times line bet
Level 2 pays 6 to 15 times line bet
Level 3 pays 16 to 35 times line bet
Level 4 pays 40 to 100 times line bet
Level 5 pays a multiplier of 1 to 4 times total win

Target Bonus™ This bonus is triggered by 3 target symbols in any position with LESS than 25 lines played. The player is prompted to select 1 of the 3 targets and is paid the associated credit value. Win from 1 to 50 times total bet.

Deep Pockets Bonus™ This bonus is triggered by 3 target symbols in any position playing 25 lines. A value consisting of 3 digits is presented to the player; the player may choose to keep the value presented or have the value modified once in 1 of 5 different ways.

1. The lowest digit is removed creating a 2 digit pay.
2. The value is multiplied by a multiplier. (2X, 3X, 4X, 5X)
3. The three digits are removed and a new 3 digit value is presented.
4. The digits are rearranged.
5. A fourth digit is added. (either a 5 or a 0)

When a modification is selected, the action is randomly chosen by the game. When the result is less than the total bet on the initiating game a consolation prize equal to the original bet is awarded. Optimum play is to always modify the value.

Modification probabilities
Remove lowest digit 0.0792
Multiply value 0.2574
Three new digits 0.2574
Rearrange digits 0.3366
Add 4th digit 0.0693

So when prompted with this bonus you have a better chance of rearranging the digits, getting a multiplier or getting 3 new digits than you do removing a digit. The least likely is the adding a digit option.

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