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Tunica Casino Reservations
Bally's Casino - $35 *
Fitzgerald's Casino - $59 *
Gold Strike Casino - $59 *
Grand Casino Terrace - $49
Sheraton Casino - $69*
* Listed are starting ranges

Tunica Motel Reservations
Best Western - $59
Cottage Inn - $79
Delta Plantation Inn - $79
Americas Best Value Inn - $79
Key West Inn - $45*

Book Online or Call Today for discount reservations
US and Canada: 1-800-780-5733
Europe: 00-800-11-20-11-40
Use discount code: 50074

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Casino Reservations
By City And State

Let's take a look inside a casino ......

As you walk thru the door you can hear the machines humming, bells ringing, coins clanking, thru out the casino. Here is a quick guide to get you more familiar with the casino floor.

First, you must be over 21 years old in the state of Mississippi to gamble. Yes, you will be carded if you are suspect of not being at least 21. Special note here, if you do happen to sneak by and win a jackpot, the casino will not pay you if you are under 21. The casinos are real tough on the age thing. Some casinos do allow older children on the floor with parents before 10pm. Please check with each casino if you have to do this. Most casinos allow children with adults to "pass thru" on their way to the restaurants. Again, check with the casino you are visiting.

Please make sure you have 2 valid forms of Identification, with at least one having picture ID. You will need both if you win a jackpot. The friendly people with the IRS will require a W2G form to be filled out on any jackpots $1200 or more.

Okay, now you are ready to go to the Player's Club Booth or counter to get your Player's Card. No longer do you have to be a High Roller to receive great benefits from the casinos. You will need to show a picture ID and give them your Name and Address. You will be assigned a Player's Card with your account number. Each time you play the Slot machines, insert your players card in the card slot.

Please be sure the computer reads your card and it is inserted properly. Nothing is more frustrating than to sit there play, and find out you put it in upside down and you didn't get credit for your play. (Been there, done that). If you are playing the tables, present your Player's Card to the dealer at the beginning of play.

The casino uses the data received from your card to rate your play for special offers like complimentary rooms, meals, cash, and gifts. More on this check out comps.

All casinos are required to have electronic surveillance systems. These "eyes in the sky" are there for your protection as well as the casinos. The video cams record all activity in the casino, slots and table play.

You need to know where the Main Cashiers Cage is so look around. At the Main Cashier's cage you can cash checks, create a line of credit, redeem chips, coins, and coupons. There may also be satellite change counters thru out the casino for change and coin redemption. Hopefully you will be making many trips to unload those overflowing coin cups for green. Some Casinos have change carts passing thru out the casino.

All tokens or chips for table play must be purchased at the table of play of your choice, not at Cashier's cage.

You can redeem table play chips at the Cashier's Cage, just not purchase them there. There are ATM's in most casinos. Check the fee charged per transaction. Machines differ widely on transaction charges.

Casinos differ on Beverage serving. Most have Cocktail servers. The servers will come to you and ask for your order. Most casinos off free beverages, but please tip the nice person who brought it to you. Check out tips for more info. Some casinos have free standing Fountain machines for soft drinks or coffee, serve your self.

Food! Casinos and Good Food just go hand in hand. Now that you have played awhile and are getting hungry. Check with the Casino Host or Hostess or Promotion desk to see if you have played enough for a comped or discounted meal. Most casinos have Host or Hostesses or a Promotions desk. These nice people cater to the casino players. Don't ever be afraid to ask. That is their job and we certainly want them to feel useful.

Casinos usually have many venues for dining from snack bars, buffets, to fine dining. Something for everyone! Enjoy!

Just remember when visiting a casino, if you have to win, you shouldn't play. Always bet with your head, not over it. Casino is entertainment. When you are armed with good information and a good attitude you can have a wonderful time.


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