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Travis Tritt
"When they talk about music getting in your blood, I understand exactly what they're talking about, because that is me," says Travis Tritt with a laugh. "And really, I feel that that's pretty much what I was put here on earth to do. It's like Chet Atkins used to say when he talked about musicians and their instruments, that when they're not holding their instruments, they feel like a part of them's missing. There's a black hole there somewhere that can only be filled by that. And it's the same way for performing, and for writing, and all the creative process. When you're not making music and you're a musician, you really, really miss it."

It's very apparent with Tritt's new disc that his passion for music is STRONG ENOUGH to propel his career through another decade of hits. Tritt's been making plenty of it lately, and when Strong Enough, his new offering of soulful country music, hits stores it's likely to be welcomed by listeners everywhere. After all, his last album, 2000's Down The Road I Go, marked a return to platinum-selling form for the singer, who had taken a two year hiatus from touring and recording to take a well-deserved rest and make some career adjustments. Judging not only by sales, but by four hit singles, awards nominations, critical praise and the esteem of his colleagues, it was time well-spent.

Even more important to Tritt has been the response of his fans at sold-out showsaround the country. Just as the CD proved he was as strong as he's ever been in the studio, two years of heavy touring have shown that his rapport with an audience is still unexcelled and, not surprisingly, Travis is delighted. "It's been a hard and heavy summer, but it's a great time," he says. "When I came off the road at the end of '98, I really wasn't having a lot of fun. But when we started back with the last album and it began snowballing, I started having fun again. I've been having a blast. Even compared to this time last year, there's a feeling that we're kind of at a whole new level. I see a new excitement with the crowds, the crowds are getting bigger and bigger every night, I see an attentiveness that maybe wasn't there a few years ago."

"In the early days, when all this good stuff was happening to me, and everything was just rocking and rolling I kind of had a tendency to kind of take it for granted: 'OK, well, that's what's going to happen on all of them.' And you find out real quick that that's not always going to be the case. Nothing's automatic and nothing's guaranteed. So I've really had more of an appreciation for it this time around than I've ever had."

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