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For Lonestar, if thereís no passion, thereís no purpose, and for these four talented musicians--- (L-R) Dean Sams (keyboard), Michael Britt (guitar), Keech Rainwater (drums) and Richie McDonald (lead vocals)---itís all about passion. It is the main ingredient that has secured their place as one of the most important and consistent bands in contemporary music. Passion for their music, passion for the creative process, passion for performing, and when the day is done, passion for their families, and the full lives they lead off the road.

The leap of faith they made with their risk-taking third album, "Lonely Grill" made it clear that Lonestar was taking control of their music, and subsequently, their adventurous artistic statement had an immediate effect on listeners. Critics took note, and so did the fans. The first single from the album, the now classic "Amazed", had a sweeping impact no one could have predicted. The second single, the bittersweet "Smile," also went to #1, as did the next two releases: "What About Now?" and "Tell Her."

Taking different routes to the same destination, Lonestar first came together in 1992 in Nashville. All four members grew up in Texas, and though none received any substantial musical training, each made their way through a series of garage bands in high school. With the exception of Keech, who devoted himself to the pursuit of a music career, everyone went on to college or day jobs, though they continued to play in bands at night.

Their first two records, "Lonestar" released in 1995, and their sophomore effort "Crazy Nights, "were co-produced by industry veterans Don Cook and Wally Wilson.

In late March 2002, Lonestar embarked on the 16-city George Strait Country Music Festival, one of the most successful arena and stadium tours of the last several years.

Clearly, Lonestar is a band who, while proud of their undeniable success, is not resting on their laurels, and eagerly anticipating where "Iím Already There" will take them. "We spent the early years together, going through hard times, working hard, learning and developing as a band. We are all so glad that everything happened when it did and the way it did for us," says Richie. "We are in a great place right now, and that allows us to offer our very best. People crave music in their lives that expresses an emotion, a feeling or a memory, good and bad.


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