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Forgive Us,
Gambo Daddy

by Pete and Julia Herpy

In seeking the perpetual,
Ongoing, everlasting, eternal win..

Forgive me Gambo Daddy,
For I have sinned.

I've bribed with tips as I've chased my losses
I've tipped the Bellhops, the maids, pitbosses,

Bartenders, cashiers, security, Valet'
I've tipped an old fart to get outta my way!

Room service, housekeeping, the crew that handpays,
I've tipped for a beverage in spite of delay.

I've played pennies, and nickels, & quarters, and bucks,
And larger denom's, all with no luck

Although it appears that expenses are free,
The suites, the eats, the gift shopping spree,

The tourneys, fruit baskets, cash back,


My banker just called and said I can't LOOSE! :smokin

My banker just called and said I CAN'T loose. :o

Forgive me Gambo Daddy for I have sinned.
I've worshipped false idols in search of a win.

Pig socks & lizards, necklace & charm,
I know they won't help
But they won't do no harm!

I've played a machine entitled "Black Hole."
We take free buffets when our bellies are full.

We've squeezed the comp system
And it's bit us back

We swim with the sharks,
We expect the attack.

Let's face it you all, you're in the water with us!
So all board the train & git' on the bus!

Call it a quirk, or a love/hate obsession,
But don't cha be blabbin' our gambo confession!

Pete & Julia
July 2004

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