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Frugal Video Poker
by Jen Cuthbertson

Video poker and Baskin-Robbins have a lot in common: so many flavors. For a newbie, it can be overwhelming. Also, simply trying them out in the casino can be a very expensive way to learn which game is best for you. Ah -- but not so with Frugal Video Poker; with this software, you can select any flavor and topping, then dive in.

If youíre considering learning to play or just want to polish up your skills in VP, we highly recommend Frugal Video Poker, software developed by Jim Wolf. Recently, Iíve had the opportunity to sit down and give this program a spin. I have to tell you, Iím a novice VP player. I admire players with high concentration levels, but I just don't have it. I donít have to think about playing slots. I needed something to help me learn VP with my "relax-and-enjoy attitude.Ē

For some reason, I was relating "learning VP" to studying for a rocket-science exam. Not so with this program! I actually had fun using it, and it offered a challenge to this old brain. As a novice VP player, I found Frugal Video Poker extremely user-friendly. Jean has a magical way of making you feel she is there whispering in your ear giving tips as you play, with the scrolling marquee across the top encouraging you and giving advice as you play.

One of the most impressive features is the one where when you made the wrong hold on a hand, the software throws it back to you, disguised in another suit, a few hands later. This puts the practice-until-you-get-it-right theory to work for you without you realizing it. Itís a sneaky way of making you learn, but is often the best way with me.

Frugal Video Poker also has what I call a "don't-leave-home-without-it" feature. After youíve got plenty of practice under your belt, youíll want to test your newfound knowledge in the casino with real money. The only problem is, you canít take Jean or the software in with you. No problem. The program lets you print out strategy charts for your game of choice, so you can hit the casino armed with ammunition. Personally, since Iím longer intimidated by a lack of knowledge, I find myself ready for the challenge.

There are so many bells and whistles on the software, even a video with Jean and Brad Scott, that I could write about it all day. Each time I play I learn something new.

Remember back when you got your first home computer and the hours you spent playing solitaire or free cell? Switch to Frugal Video Poker and learn a skill that will definitely make your casino trips much more rewarding and enjoyable.

Frugal Video Poker can be purchased at www.frugalgambler.biz


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