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 Meet Fred, Slot Spinning Lucky Fred
by Jen Cuthbertson

If you frequent Horseshoe or Sheraton you may have seen this guy. Usually he is waiting for a Hand Pay or in line cashing out a ticket voucher.

First time I noticed Fred Coggins was at Sheraton, I had just walked away from an extended period of time playing a slot machine. He walked up, put a couple of coins in and won the progressive. I hadn't had time to walk away 10 feet. The same night I saw Fred cash one big pay off after another, time after time. Just the ones I happened to see totaled 5. What is it with this guy? He is living the dreams of most of us slot sluts.

Okay, lucky night? I can understand. (kinda) A couple of weeks later, I run across Fred again, doing what? Waiting on a hand pay! Months pass, I run into Fred nearly every trip to the casinos. Several times I even challenged him in our own "mini slot tournament" to no avail. I should have known as the saying goes "stay on the porch if you can't run with the big dogs".
Fred just has the magic touch. When asked what gives? He humbly replies, "I just play a lot."
One insomniac night at 1am I ran into Fred playing 2 machines with coins won in the 4 digits. I decided to “Get To Know” Fred. Is this a guy you just hate?  Or do you admire him and look at him as a mentor? You can’t help but like him.
Fred is from Brookland, Arkansas, less than a couple of hours from Tunica. He makes the trip to Tunica several times a week when he isn’t busy with his Fishing Lure Company, www.drifterfishingsupplies.com . The most important thing to Fred is spending time with his 3 sons and daughter. He just glows when he talks about the kids.
I asked Fred his secret to winning. When does he stop on a machine? He replied, “If I don’t have fun, I don’t do it”.  No secrets, no gimmicks, he watches the machines that people win on …and he plays them!
He must be having fun at the slots. Six figure W2-G’s for him are common. (sigh).
Here are a few of his wins: $73,000 jackpot at Horseshoe, Bally’s $24,000, Gold Strike $40,000, Sheraton Munster $49,000, Sheraton Tabasco $7,000, Double Double Jackpot $8,000. Bally’s on Craps $6,000 and Blackjack $38,000.
The day I talked with Fred he had put a $100 in $5 Black Gold at Sheraton, cashed out $1,800, put another $100 in cashed out $1,200, feed another $100 cashed out $1,800, he did this about 6 times!
Fred has his eye on a $370,000 progressive at Horseshoe. It’s going to be interesting to see if he wins it. I hope he does.
When I asked Fred where does he play the most, he replied, “Sheraton is #1 to me. The people treat me great and I think my chances are better here”
He in return treats them right. I noticed how the slot personnel are always ready when Fred is ready to cash out. One time he made sure all of the personnel shared in his good fortune tipping 20 people on the floor a $100 each. Which goes to prove my theory of money is like manure – “ya gotta spread it around for it to do any good”.
Next time you are in a Tunica Casino and run across Fred, say Hi. He likes meeting and talking to people. Maybe some of his good luck may rub off on you.


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