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Frank Scoblete

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Tunica Casino Reservations
Bally's Casino - $35 *
Fitzgerald's Casino - $59 *
Gold Strike Casino - $59 *
Grand Casino Terrace - $49
Sheraton Casino - $69*
* Listed are starting ranges

Tunica Motel Reservations
Best Western - $59
Cottage Inn - $79
Delta Plantation Inn - $79
Americas Best Value Inn - $79
Key West Inn - $45*

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Cuthbertson Media Group is proud to announce Frank Scoblete has joined tuncia-ms.com as a featured writer.

Frank Scoblete is the number-one best-selling gaming author in America, with sixteen books, three audiotapes, three videotapes, and his own imprint, the "Scoblete Get-the-Edge Guides," to his credit. He has co authored many more. Frank has written about all the casino games, but his passion is craps. His first book, Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos, is the best-selling craps book of all time, and it started savvy players thinking about dice control. His follow-up books, The Captain’s Craps Revolution and Forever Craps, solidified his position as the nation’s greatest authority on the game.
Frank’s books and tapes have sold over a million copies. Frank writes for over 40 magazines, newspapers and websites in America, Europe, Canada, and the Islands, including Jackpot, Casino Magazine in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Midwest Gaming and Travel, Casino Player, Gaming South. He has appeared on and been a consultant for many television networks including the Discovery Channel, CNN, TBS, The Travel Channel, ABC, Walter Cronkite, and A&E. He has also done consulting work for IGT and Silicon Gaming, among others. He is also a commentator on The Goodtimes Show on WMC, 790 AM in Memphis.
Frank is the executive director of Golden Touch Craps dice-control seminars, and he has served as a consultant for CNN, TBS, Walter Cronkite, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, Silicon Gaming, and IGT. He writes for over forty of gaming’s top newspapers and magazines, including Casino Player, Midwest Gaming and Travel, Jackpot, Atlantic City Weekly, Gaming South, Southern Gaming and Destinations, Fun ’N Games, and Heart of America Casino News. Frank does a weekly radio show from Memphis, Tennessee, The Goodtimes Show on WMC-AM 790.

Frank lives in New York with his wife, Alene Paone. He has two grown sons.

Frank's Books available thru tunica-ms.com in association with amazon.com: Check out THE BOOKSHELF here on Tunica-MS for more..

Read a few reviews below:

Guerrilla Gambling: How to Beat the Casinos at Their Own Games! On sale $10.36

5 star review from Edwin J. Gosnell
This is without a doubt the best, most comprehensive book on general gambling techniques for all of the major casino games. Frank Scoblete truly knows what he writes about, he gives the reader more than just a generic basic strategy to follow. He truly knows how to play and win in the casino. He also knows how to explain every major casino game so that even a beginner can go to the casino with a true feeling of confidence. The author has also written other more in depth books that focus in on specific games. All of is books are written in an easy reader friendly style. I especially liked the chapter in Guerrilla Gambling about a day in the life of the guerilla gambler. It is a true account of what happened to him on a typical day in Las Vegas. It is written in a diary like fashion and shows the ups and downs of a typical day at the casinos and teaches the hit and run method that can make you a successful gambler. This is without a doubt, a must read for player of all skill levels, it not only teaches the basics but also teaches a few tricks of the trade that are invaluable in the casino. Don't go to Las Vegas without reading this book, its worth its weight in gold, and if a particular game interests you find one of his other books that focuses entirely on that game. It is an investment that only a fool would pass up. Frank Scoblete is truly the best gaming author that I have ever come across.

 Get the Edge at Craps: How to Control the Dice! (Scoblete Get-The-Edge Guide) On sale : $10.47

Editorial Reviews

About the Author

Sharpshooter writes under a pen name because many casinos would be unhappy if they knew he employed his remarkable techniques at their tables. He is known among craps-playing aficionados as one of the greatest "dice controllers" or "rhythmic rollers" in the world. He is an engineer, grounded in math and physics, who knows his way around the casino as well as he knows his way around mathematical theorems.

Book Description

This is the book craps players have been waiting for! For the first time ever, the casino’s worst nightmare, the amazing player known as "Sharpshooter," reveals his secrets for getting the edge at craps — how to control the dice when you shoot in order to reduce the appearance of certain numbers (the 7!) and increase the appearance of other numbers.

If you learn Sharpshooter’s methods of dice control or "rhythmic rolling," craps

becomes not only a beatable game but a money maker for the player!

Here’s what this amazing book will teach you:

• How to Set the Dice: You will learn how to arrange the dice before you shoot to maximize the numbers you want and/or minimize the 7.

• How to Grip the Dice: You will learn how to minimize "release drag" and "finger friction."

• How to Deliver the Dice: You will learn how to utilize the "3-Cs" of delivering the dice and learn how to take advantage of a 45 degree launch angle to minimize bounce.



Start Your Education Folks!, February 15, 2003
  Reviewer: A reader from California

The game of craps is no longer a game that can't be beaten. The work of Frank Scoblete in Forever Craps and Sharpshooter in Get the Edge at Craps has shown us that utilizing certain dice sets, grips, and delivery methods, coupled with good betting strategies, the game of craps can be overcome by skilled controlled shooters. Having seen both Scoblete and Sharpshooter in action at the tables, I can tell you that these two have mastered what they preach.

FRANK SCOBLETE’S BOOKS: for more information check out our Book Shelf

  • Armada Strategies for Spanish 21 [Bonus Books]

  • Baccarat Battle Book! [Bonus Books]

  • Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos: How to Play Craps and Win! [Bonus Books]

  • Best Blackjack [Bonus Books]

  • Bold Card Play: Best Strategies Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride & Three Card Poker [Bonus Books]

  • Break the One-Armed Bandits! How to Come Out Ahead When You Play Slots [Bonus Books]

  • Forever Craps: The Five-Step Advantage Play Method! [Bonus Books]

  • Guerrilla Gambling: How to Beat the Casinos at Their Own Games! [Bonus Books]

  • The Captain’s Craps Revolution! [Paone Press]

  • The Morons of Blackjack and Other Monsters [Paone Press]

  • Spin Roulette Gold: Secrets of Beating the Wheel [Bonus Books]

  • Victory at Video Poker with Video Blackjack, Craps and Keno [Bonus Books]

  • Casino Gambling: Play Like a Pro in 10 Minutes or Less! [Bonus Books, Spring 2003]

  • The Craps Underground [Bonus Books, Fall 2003]

  • Applying Gambling Techniques to Life’s Challenges [Bonus Books, Spring 2004]

Frank contributed chapters or forewords to:

  • The Experts’ Guide to Casino Games edited by Walter Thomason

  • Blackjack for the Clueless by Walter Thomason

  • American Casino Guide edited by Steve Bourie

  • 109 Ways to Beat the Casinos edited by Walter Thomason

  • The Casino Answer Book by John Grochowski

  • 21st Century Blackjack by Walter Thomason

FRANK SCOBLETE’S VIDEO TAPES / hosted by James Coburn:

  • Winning Strategies at Slots with Video Poker

  • Winning Strategies at Blackjack

  • Winning Strategies at Craps


  • Slot Conquest!

  • Sharpshooter Craps!

  • Power of Positive Playing!

In addition, Frank has his own imprint with Bonus Books: The Frank Scoblete Get-the-Edge Guides.

  • Get the Edge at Blackjack: Revolutionary Advantage Play Methods That Work! by John May

  • Thrifty Gambling by John Brokopp

  • Get the Edge at Roulette: How to Predict Where the Ball Will Land! by Christopher Pawlicki.

  • Get the Edge at Craps: How to Control the Dice! by “Sharpshooter”

  • 77 Ways to Get the Edge at Casino Poker by Fred Renzey

  • Insider’s Guide to Internet Gambling by John Brokopp

  • Get the Edge at Low-Limit Texas Hold’em by Bill Burton (Spring 2003)

  • The Lottery Book: The Truth Behind the Numbers by Don Catlin (Summer, 2003)

  • How to Win a Million Playing Slots..or lose trying by Frank Legato (Fall, 2003)


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