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Tunica Casino Reservations
Bally's Casino - $35 *
Fitzgerald's Casino - $39 *
Gold Strike Casino - $59 *
Grand Casino Terrace - $49
Sheraton Casino - $69*
* Listed are starting ranges

Tunica Motel Reservations
Best Western - $59
Cottage Inn - $79
Delta Plantation Inn - $79
Americas Best Value Inn - $79
Key West Inn - $45*

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Dining Reviews submitted by our readers:

Submitted by Grace Hatchell
Gold Strike Casino- Chicago Steakhouse.

This is 4 or 5 star quality restaurant with a fine menu selection and excellent
Wine List. I recommend the Gaudoc-2003 Cabernet Savignon.
I had a wonderful lobster, Yukon mashed potatoes and young asparugus tips. Also,w/crusty fresh breads and a superb Olive pesto spread.Service was very professional and table settings tastefully done. Moderate to high prices but not for quality given. I've paid double for meals in Vegas not as good or as well served.

Submitted by PAUL GIORDANO

Submitted by Janette Barlow
The Epic Diner at Hollywood Casino is the best! It's family friendly, the food is always good. The employees are very nice. The catfish is what I go for EVERY visit. My husband can't get enough of the Porterhouse steak.

Submitted by Gina Hobeck
The Village Square Buffet at Horseshoe is top notch. Anything and everything you could want is available. We have ate there 5 or 6 times over the last couple of years and have never been disappointed. Everyone is very hospitable and the place is always very clean. The food is very diverse and delicious. We would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Submitted by Steve Golden
Horseshoe Casino - The Village Square Buffet on Friday is a seafood buffet and it is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! EVERYTHING is wonderful, the service is great, and the restaurant is so clean. Hats off to the management and staff for a buffet I will drive 250 miles to get to.

Fairbanks at Hollywood Casino is the best restaurant in the Tunica area in my opinion. The selection of entrees is wonderful, the servers are VERY helpful and personable and the experience is a vacation in itself.

Submitted by Lynn
Biedenbender - Wisconsin
Louie's Steakhouse at the Sheraton.
We've eaten there several times and have not yet been disappointed. The food is excellent and the service first-class. The salad bar is passable with a few memorable items. As I often have trouble with the preservatives used on lettuce in the salad bars, I generally shy away from green salads. There is usually excellent soup available (my personal favorite was a crawfish dill bisque that was available on our 1st visit), and I also recommend the tomato and mozzarella salad as well as the chicken salad. The prime rib is our personal favorite. Extremely tender, flavorful, and the small portion is HUGE. I tried the New York Strip Steak on our last visit, which was very good, but my heart still belongs with the Prime Rib. On our last visit our dining companions had the burger (without the bun) and the seafood special which was a scallop pasta dish. Trust me, this is no ordinary burger. Both were rated as excellent. As your potato order, the hash browns are something to behold.

They are golden brown and crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and take up an entire plate themselves.  One of our dining companions ordered the carrot cake for dessert.  It was the largest piece of carrot cake I have ever seen.  He couldn't finish it, and we all had a little sample.  It was absolutely delicious.  I am not normally a big fan of carrot cake, but this was wonderful.  For excellent food, wonderful service, and reasonable prices, I would highly recommend Louie's.  

Submitted by Sharon P
We ate at the Horseshoe Buffet and that was the best SHRIMP SCAMPI I have ever eaten!!  Would LOVE to have the recipe!!  I've never eaten any as good as that!!!

Submitted by Anne and Jerry from Alabama
We enjoy eating at Replays at the Grand.  The catfish, fries and slaw and the fried shrimp, fries, and slaw are very good.  Their cheeseburgers are delicious too.  The Atrium at GS are very good too.  We love T.J Cinnamons for breakfast!

Contributed by Tommie Beavers
I have only eaten at 2 places in tunica, the grand casino buffet and Bally's buffet. We stayed at the grand and the first night decided to eat there but was not impressed, the food was just not good at all or at least not for 17.00, could have had steak for that. Bally's we ate at because it was ladies month in July and it was free.  It was wonderful, and would have much rather paid 17.00 there than at grand.

Contributed by Granville Harris
Sheraton's - Louie's Steak House, The Big Kitchen Buffet, Fitzgerald's Limericks Steakhouse I highly recommend any of these three.

Contributed by Ginny Estes
The seafood buffet at Hollywood is unbelievable.  My husband and I both ate two main lobsters apiece, along with oysters on the half shell, frog legs, snow crab, boiled and fried shrimp, and just about any other seafood that you can imagine.  They also have chinese food, which I didn't taste because of the other stuff.  The salad bar was loaded with any kind of salad fixings that you would like.  The desert bar featured cheesecakes of all varieties.  My husband had key lime pie that stood about four inches high.  Way to much to eat.  It was delicious.  I had chocolate cake that was loaded with several different kinds of chocolate creams. Any chocolate lover would be satisfied.  If I hadn't been such a pig on the seafood I would have tried other deserts.  There was just too much variety to try in one visit.  I cannot wait to go back.  Oh yes, the two of us ate for $38.00.  I don't think that you can beat that deal.

Tunica - Contributed by Vickie Weaver

Grand's Delta Blues Cafe - Submitted by Jim. Georgia
Try the Grand Dog at Delta Blues Cafe. It is a $2.99 meal in itself. Yummmmm

The Grand's LB's Steakhouse - Submitted by Marsha Ness
While our wallets have been getting thinner, our waists have been expanding proportionately, thanks to Tunica's generous food comps. Last night we experienced LB's for the first time.
LB's ambiance is quiet and intimate yet relaxed, with indirect lighting that is juuuuust right. Serious carnivores should turn back now. We didn't sample any of the large selection of beef, preferring fish and chicken.
LB's has a large selection of interesting appetizers, and we were privileged to arrive during the papaya season. I had their special Papaya Scallops, which were four pan-seared, peppercorn-encrusted scallops sitting on a lightly stir-fried aggregate of finely cut leek and sweet potato. The cake was surrounded by a slightly spicy papaya relish, which contained some very finely chopped red onion. I'm sure you can't imagine what those unusual ingredients taste like together, but wonderful pretty much covers it. Being a traditionalist, Joel took the crab cocktail, which he rated as excellent as well.
We were served warm croissants and very passable dinner salads containing both lettuce wedges and mixed greens. We couldn't resist the corn chowder soup either, but we divided the bowl.
By the time the main courses came, I was ready to quit. I ate a fraction of my Herbed Chicken, which was nicely presented with steamed summer vegetables and asparagus spears. I also sampled some of Joel's Red Snapper. It was lightly coated, fried and topped with lump crabmeat and a light lemon sauce. Excellent.
We shared a bowl of berries for desert, but I got the two tubular cinnamon cookies, which were great. The berries came on a bed of what looked like Cool Whip.
Since we ate rather lightly by steakhouse standards, our dinner only came to $76. I don't know how it works everywhere else, but the waiter said the remainder of the $120 comp would be returned to my account.
I have no reservations about recommending LB's. It is less pretentious than some, and that is fine with me. We are planning to return for appetizers before papaya season is out.

Bally's Friday Seafood Buffet - Submitted by Marsha Ness
As has already been mentioned, Bally's recently renovated their buffet, and the results are very respectable. After a day of ongoing frustration at their tables, I headed there as my small recompense before heading home. I was startled to be turned away! It was about 5 pm and the day food was being changed for their new Friday Seafood Buffet. Bally's is at least the sixth casino in Tunica to join the Friday Seafood competition, and they have done a fine job.
In addition to the basics of cold shrimp and crab claws, hot crab legs and fried catfish, Bally's has some interesting dishes. Their Asian section had a pleasant Thai shrimp curry served with Jasmine rice, and the third section (I didn't catch the name) had Orange Roughy in Marion Sauce. The Marion sauce seemed to me to be a light cajun-style sauce, quite good.
On the downside, the number of dishes at Bally's can't match the Grand and the Horseshoe, and the salad and vegetable offerings are meager. There are some interesting seeded rolls, though.
For desert there are the usual pie selections, but Bally's does a particularly good job with their cobblers. I had apple. My only regret now is that I didn't put ice cream on top. However, they should add some bowls in that area, as cobbler and ice cream don't sit well on a plate.


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