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Bally's Casino - $35 *
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Best Western - $59
Cottage Inn - $79
Delta Plantation Inn - $79
Americas Best Value Inn - $79
Key West Inn - $45*

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Longtime Poker Player Campbell Davis Wins First Major Tournament and $134,058:  Newlywed to buy house with prize money

One day after the largest tournament in Jack Binion World Poker Open history, the second-largest tournament ever in the Mid-South took place on a weekend filled with plenty of excitement and action.  A whopping 1,117 players paid $500 each for the chance to become this year’s latest poker champion.  The ultimate winner was Campbell Davis, a serious part-time poker pro, who lives in the Dallas area.  Davis entered his first tournament 15 years ago, but this marked his first major win.  He received $134,058 and the coveted gold and diamond bracelet for first place.   

The tournament was a real marathon.  After playing for 15 hours during the previous day in which the 10th-place finisher busted out at 3 am, the nine finalists took their seats at the final table on Day Two.  Players were eliminated in the following order:

9th Place – Al Capozzi started-off second-lowest in chips and was down to just $5K when he made his final stand with A-5 suited.  He lost to two-pair and exited as the 9th-place finisher.  For Capozzi, a building contractor from Massachusetts, it was his first final table at a major event.

8th Place – Bill Mann went out a few minutes later when his pocket Fives were blasted away by pocket Aces.  Mann, a 55-year-old retiree from Louisiana playing in his first poker tournament, collected $15,468.

7th Place – Dave Tobin, a 44-year-old storeowner from Prairie Du Chien, WI, came to the final table with high hopes but lost a few critical pots early and was short-stacked when he played his last hand of the night, K-8 suited, which ultimately lost to trip 6s.  Tobin, the winner of two poker Limit Hold’em tournaments at Canterbury Park (Minneapolis) has played in the JBWPO five straight years.  This was his best finish here, which paid $20,624.  

6th Place – David Warren, age 31, took one of the worst beats at the final table when he lost with K-K to Campbell Davis’ 7-7 after a 7 flopped for trips.  The huge pot was a major turning point for both players.  It gave Davis a huge stack of chips, and knocked Warren out of the tournament.  Warren, who is in the construction business, nailed down $25,780 for 6th place.

5th Place – Vipul Kothari arrived on Day Two second in chips, but had a horrible run of bad cards and miserable luck en route to a disappointing 5th-place finish.  Kothari went out with J-8 versus K-J on his final hand and collected $30,936 in his first JBWPO appearance.

4th Place – David Notaro, who calls himself an “unemployed poker player,” suffered the nightmare of all nightmares, when he was dealt K-K and ran into the only possible hand that was better, pocket Aces.  Campbell Davis’ raked in the big pot, which left Notaro crippled.  After the tough loss, he fought to stay alive for the next hour as the blinds increased to the point where he had to make a stand.  On his final hand, he lost with A-6 versus 8-8.  The pocket 8s held up and Notaro, who has made final tables at the “Pot of Gold” tournament in Reno in the past, was paid 36,092 for 4th place.

3rd Place – Glen Banks, age 44, came to the final table third in chips, and shot par at the poker table – finishing third.  He lost a few key pots to Chad Moore, each time having the better hand pre-flop, but missing when blanks fell on board.  He played his last hand of the night with A-3 against Moore, who made two pair.  Banks made a final table at the Mid-America Open (Tunica) in 2004 and won several entries through satellites (including this one).  He later said, “I got hooked on the game two years ago and have had the fever ever since.”  $41,248 in prize money is sure to make his temperature rise even higher.

The last two players were arguably the most experienced of the tournament finalists.  Heads-up play between Campbell Davis, from Texas, and Chad Moore, from Indiana, began with Davis enjoying a 4 to 1 chip advantage.  Up to that point, Davis had clearly been the more aggressive player.  Davis won several key pots, while Moore – the chip leader from the start -- played more cautiously, patiently waiting for the opportunity to play one-on-one. 

Within a few hands, it looked like the poker duel might end quickly.  Davis immediately rocketed up into a 18 to 1 chip lead.  Then, a remarkable reversal of fortune took place, as Moore won the next seven consecutive hands.  On the third hand of the rush. Moore rivered a heart flush, putting him down about 4 to 1, but within striking distance of the chip lead.  Four hands later, the chip count was close to even.

Bu all bubbles eventually burst.  All rushes end.  Moore’s momentum ended abruptly when he went for his eighth-straight pot.  Campbell made two pair, Kings and Jacks, against Moore’s top pair.  The result was like a roaring freight train running into a brick wall.  Moore never recovered.  Just as quickly as it had come, the momentum abruptly ended.  And just four hands later the tournament was over.

On the final hand of the night, Moore (with Q-6) flopped a pair and was ‘all in.’  Davis (with 7-4) called and when the final board showed 9-6-5-4-8, Davis had made a straight to lock up the victory.

Chad Moore, a 37-year-old poker pro, has now made final tables at the United States Poker Championships, the World Poker Finals, and the JBWPO.  He received $71,152 as the runner up in this event.

The winner, Campbell Davis is a longtime poker player, who spent many years playing in private games around Dallas.  The 49-year-old salesman and semi-pro, has made final tables at Canterbury Park, the Bicycle Club, and here at the JBWPO (Po-Limit Omaha in 2004).   

“The first few rounds, I was getting blinded off and was starting to worry I might not go very far,” Davis said afterward.  “Then, about halfway through I won with pocket Aces and against pocket Kings – and everything took off from there.”

Indeed, Davis cracked his opponents’ Kings twice (with trip 7s on one key hand and with pocket Aces on the other), as those two hands propelled him into the chip lead and on to victory.

Davis was recently married to his wife Laticia in November, and was obviously encouraged by her presence at the final table.  The newlyweds are expecting their first child soon and will use the prize money to help purchase a house.  For Davis, his first poker championship could not have come at a better time.

Final Table Started at: 4:15 pm CST

Final Table Ended at: 7:55 pm CST

Report by Nolan Dalla – JBWPO Media Director

Tournament Director – David Eglseder

Co-Tournament Director (Horseshoe) – Ken Lambert, Jr.

Co-Tournament Director (Gold Strike) – Robert McGovern

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2005 Jack Binion World Poker Open Event 3 Results

Horseshoe Casino Hotel and

Gold Strike Casino-Resort, Tunica, MS

Daily Report - January 9, 2005

Event #3

Limit Texas Hold’em

Buy-In: $500

Number of Entries: 1,117 

Prize Money: $519,092

Event #3 Official Results:

1.  Campbell Davis  Dallas, TX  won $134,058  plus a seat in the $10,000 buy-in main event*

2.  Chad Moore  Frankfort, IN  won $71,152

3.  Glyn Banks  Smithville, TN  $41,248

4.  David Notaro  Charlotte, NC won $36,092

5.  Vipul Kothari  Edison, NJ won $30,936

6.  David Warren Fayetteville, AR  won  $25,780

7.  Dave Tobin   Prairie Du Chien, WI won $20,624

8.  Bill Mann   West Monroe, LA won  $15,468

9.  Al Capozzi    Carver, MA won $10,312


10. Larry Neal -  Tamsuba, MS  won $5,672

11. David Peltzer  Forest Park, GA won $5,672

12. Jeremy Vignieri  Kenosha, WI  won $5,672

13. Bert Pernikoff  Southfield, MI  won $4,784

14. Robbie Frank   Evansville, IN  won  $4,784

15. Jason Brown  Missoula, MT won $4,784

16. Edward Lee Lark  Biloxi, MS  won $3,721

17. Derek Taylor Eastman, GA  won $3,721

18. Paul Williams  Mobile, AL won $3,721

19. Johnny Gibson  Diamond Head, MS won  $2,658

20. Alan D. Perry  St. Louis, MO won $2,658

21. Jon Knauf  Garland, TX  won $2,658

22. Bobby Jones  Collierville, TN won $2,658

23. Joel Lyon  Edmond, OK  won $2,658

24. Mark Hanna  Cincinnati, OH  won $2,658

25. Charles Moore  Whitehouse, TX   won $2,658

26. Bob Beck  New Orleans, LA  won  $2,658

27. Sheryl Williams  Franklin, OH  won  $2,658

28. Brian Johnson  Plano, IL  won $1,860

29. Maurice Dix  Cambellsville, KY won $1,860

30. Billy Boutte  Lafayette, LA won $1,860

31. James Yario  Manhattan, IL won $1,860

32. Charley Vartti  Wetmore, MI  won  $1,860

33. Keith Crey  Hurley, MS  won $1,860                  

34. Phil Wade  Conyers, GA  won $1,860

35. Gene Carder  Dallas, TX won $1,860

36. Art Young  Biloxi, MS  won $1,860

37. Danny Bradshaw Camden, AR  won $1,541

38. Bill Lester  Nesbit, MS won $1,541

39. Jim Hinson  N. Little Rock, AR   won $1,541

40. Neal McCray Houston, TX won $1,541

41. Gino Sabella    New Bern, NC  won  $1,541

42. Dennis Marcum     Texas City, TX won $1,541

43. Santos Martinez     La Forte, TX won $1,541

44. J.H. Myers   Killeen, TX  won $1,541

45. Bob Derryberry  Norwalk, IA  won  $1,541

46. Mark Jennings   Memphis, TN  won  $1,276

47. Don Black  Braussard, LA  won $1,276

48. Joe Smeraglia  Birmingham, AL won $1,276

49. Mike Oar  Cincinnati, OH won $1,276

50. Franky Wales  Huntsville, AL  won  $1,276

51. Walter Morrill  Tomball, TX  won $1,276

52. Michael Byers Nashville, TN won $1,276

53. Gene Thompson    Spartanburg, SC  won $1,276

54. Mark Vaughn  Chattanooga, TN won  $1,276

55. Darrell Broussard  Alexandria, LA  won $1,063

56. Doug Paxton Weatherford, OK won  $1,063

57. Jeff Houston  Ft. Madison, IA  won $1,063

58. Zeb Strawn  Charlotte, NC  won  $1,063

59. Tracy Phan   Long Beach, CA   $1,063

60. Al Dampier  Brentwood, TN won   $1,063

61. Curt Belt  Independence, KS won  $1,063

62. Gene Frank  Evansville, IN  won $1,063

63. Peter Mullin  Long Beach, MS won  $1,063

64. Neil Stone  Atlanta, GA  won $957

65. Ron Givens   Pelam, TN  won  $957

66. Jim Michael  Mocksville, NC won $957

67. Richard Hensarling Lafaeyette, LA  won $957

68. Darren Emery  Ft. Worth, TX  won  $957

69. Minh Ngoc Haynh    Mesquite, TX  won  $957

70. Jay Chang   Dallas, TX  won  $957

71. James Deehr  Milwaukee, WI won $957

72. Hal Kirkpatrick  Kansas City, KS  won $957

73. Jim Bell  Newnan, GA won $744

74. Jeff Doane  Loves Park, IL  won $744

75. Trey Brabham  McComb, MS  won $744

76. Jason Foley  Chattanooga, TN won $744

77. Vafa Kamali  Purvis, MS  won $744

78. Sean Fortier  De Soto, TX  won  $744

79. J. Benjamin  The Woodlands, TX won $744

80. Frank Kunz  Springfield, IL won $744

81. Ricky Gause  Haiwassee, GA  won  $744


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